Student Testimonials

This page serves as a Testimonial page for all programs provided by the United Foundation of Central Florida, Inc

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Derekaisha Bush President of FLU 2018-2019 - Class of 2019

Being in FLU has given me so many opportunities and has taught me so many lessons that I truly do not know how I’ll ever repay Ms. Sandra, Mr. Hall the sponsors and everyone that I have had the chance to come across. As President, I learned first hand the value of relationships. Because of the strong genuine relationship, Ms. Sandra has with her friends and board of directors the work of the Foundation continues. I now fully understand the concept of it takes a village. My favorite part about being in FLU was taking the trip to Tallahassee, among the many trips we’ve been on, this trip inspired me to be more involved in my community and to use my voice and when I get the chance to vote. I was able to step outside of my comfort zone, increase my self-confidence and face my fear of public speaking. Also, college and seeking higher education is one of the many purposes of the program. I would recommend anyone who feels that they have nowhere else to go or if you're just looking for a place to call home, to join Future Leaders United, it’s a lifesaver and a life changer.


Citlalli Rico Vice-President of FLU 2018-2019 - Class of 2019

My experience in FLU has been amazing, I've had the honor of being a part of the leadership team as Vice President for 2018/2019. I’ve learned so much while being in the program I made new friendships and created memorable experiences that will be unforgettable. FLU is a great program because it has taught me the importance of voting, giving back, and being informed it has helped me be better prepared for my future. I’ve been introduced to important members in our society that are passionate about making a change for our future and have influenced my generation to be the change. In the Pine Hills community, I’ve been able to make an impact and become a leader being able to lead by example for the generation after me. One of the best decisions I made was being a part of this Program, truly wished I had joined sooner. I am glad to have been a part of a prestigious program that has helped me improve myself and exposed me to so many opportunities that have expanded my leadership skills, knowledge and growth. I am more prepared to attend College and go out into the world. I would encourage everyone enrolled in Maynard Evans High School to go through this program.


Sandra Petit-Frere Secretary of FLU 2018-2019 - Class of 2019

FLU is the start of something new and the start to my career. I have learned so many things in this group. I have learned how to cope with stress, school work, lifes amazing challenges and how to work in a group. Not only have I learned but I have met a lot of amazing people; I have met Police officers, Rappers, Commissioners, Attorneys and Lawyers, Doctors and Realtors. I was able to better myself when I felt like life wasn't being kind to me and wasn't willing to give me another chance. I have met my second mother Ms. Sandra Fatmi, she is one of the few that have helped me through it ALL, she came to Evans High School with a goal and that goal was to prove that Pine Hills can be better and the children in Pine Hills can be better and BOY did she prove a lot of people wrong, she made sure I was "ok," she made sure that I attended all of FLU meetings because she knew about my struggles and not once had she ever gave up on me. I have realized that when you have people in your life that is willing to give you their help, that is willing to help you succeed in life, you need to take it because many people do not care about others life and they do not care about whether or not you succeed because only their kids and life matters to them but FLU has proved different and I will forever remember the chance I had to be in FLU. Like that famous quote "Be careful of the bridges you're willing to burn when trying to get ahead, you'll never know when you'll need a friend again."

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Eboni Bannis FLU 2018-19 Historian Class of 2019

What F.L.U. means to me? Future Leaders United is a program that has helped throughout the year (2018-19) to create strong and respective relationships with peers within my own environment. First, it started off by me managing community-based events that allowed people from all over Pine Hills to come together and share similar and different characteristics about each other. This particular exercise had helped me familiarized myself with others and to learn how to give back, willingly. Secondly, is communicating with strong Political Figures in our community. When it comes down to talking with those who hold a certain position and responsibility for the festivities that are being held within our community, I get to have the opportunity to discuss things that I feel that’s necessary to help benefit and improve things to strengthen our district. Thirdly, is a personal take that involves me tackling leadership duties and roles. I learned the importance of commitment and representation of F.L.U and my community. Being able to showcase my vow to take upon positions that I know will challenge me open doors for me academically. Helping me to take responsibility, work harder in class, and be more responsive when asked a question. This take is slowing shaping me into becoming more fearless stating my opinions. Lastly, having the momentum to inspire kids around my age or younger to become more involved within their community. Mentoring young teens have allowed me to experience strong and informative moments with them, by allowing them to express their opinions on certain topics, and share encounters with others just like them.


woomy michel class of 2018

"This year I have learned how to interact with individuals in my community, learned how to spread awareness about the social issues in the Pine Hills community. Also how to address such issues. I also learned how to advertise myself. Basically branding myself putting it out there. Making people know what we do and how we impact others in the community."


Destiny Law Class of 2017

I learned how to be my true self, Future Leaders United After-School program taught me the importance of self-worth. It also helped me learn how to budget effectively with our Youth Financial Literacy Events. I also had the opportunity to learn about what it truly meant to be committed to service and how this positively affected my community. As an Alumni of the FLU, I'm still learning what it takes to be a leader, a public servant, and an outstanding citizen.


Berline clermont class of 2019

I felt like FLU had strongly impacted my life and although my time there felt brief I learn some life lesson along the way. What it did was prepare and gave you special insight on things that you couldn't find anywhere else.


Savia john class of 2019

FLU has taught me that there is no limit on how far you can go. There’s always room for improvement and to be better. I enjoyed coming together with the youth in my community and showing people that some young people actually are involved.


Nyala Chamberlin class of 19

Future Leaders United is honestly one of the best things that have ever happened to me. If I could rate how much I love the program on a scale of one to ten, FLU would break the scale every time! In this program, I’ve been exposed to so many great opportunities, met lots of amazing individuals, and I’ve gotten to experience so many different things that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.


Benson Fleurentin Class of 2019

What I like about flu is the cooperation, the guest speakers and the members I learned a lot about leadership and flu helped me to communicate more with other people. 3rd Wednesday workshops have also helped me get involved with my community and learn more about what’s happening around me.


Stallone Pierre Class of 2019

Flu has taught me that everyone together is part of a community. There are people who look up to you even if your a teacher or a student. At the time we went to Ridgewood we gave some of the kid's advice or idea on what would life be like in high school and what would it be like if they don’t get there act together. Us speaking from experience that will probably get a lot of kids attention.

Future Leaders United has played a pivotal role in how my senior year at Evans High School went. I’ve always been a reserved and low-spoken person, but due to all of our networking events and having to communicate with people, I became more outspoken and more extroverted. This program has also helped me to become acquainted with a plethora of people that I probably never would have even known about. I’m glad I was able to join our FLU family, I’ve made memories after memories that I’m never going to forget for as long as I live.
— Sebastien Joseph ‘18

Acroanias Mitchell Class of 2019

What exactly did I learn from the FLU? That's a question with many answers, but the most important thing I learned from FLU is family. I learned that it doesn't take blood, in order to create family bonds. Though I only been in FLU for a short amount of time I did notice that everyone supported one another as if everyone was in one pair of shoes. It's the relationship and curiosity that drives me closer to this family and it is that motive that keeps me going. It is because of the FLU, I can see friends more than friends.


Veronica Bien-Aime class of 2019

Throughout my time in FLU, I have learned many great qualities and become someone who is more outspoken. Being in flu has taught me about leadership and how one should behave with diligence and being mindful of others. I've learned from flu the value of what family truly means. We look out for one another and make sure everyone feels included. I've also got the opportunity to create events in our community that brings an awareness to our youths that makes them feel involved. I've loved being in flu and learned about the qualities and responsibilities that I will take with me moving forward in the future.


Samantha lubin class of 2018

Through FLU, I have been able to become more involved in my community as well as grow connections with some distinguished individuals.


Nathanaelle Therminor class 2018

Flu is like the best program ever I have never seen any after-school programs that care for each other like FLU. I believe if I didn’t participate in FLU I wasn’t going to be as ready as I am now for my future.

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Brettnee Ulysse class 2018

Future Leaders United is an amazing after-school program that’s designed to help us prepare for life after high school. When talking about life after high school, I’m talking about college readiness as well as financial literacy. Through many guest visits we have had the opportunity to meet with business professionals of all kinds within our community.


Mandy Michel class of 2019

I learned about credit and the importance of Financial Literacy, I also learned about myself, I’m very energetic, creative, determined, responsible, this was shown to me through one of the activities that we did during our weekly sessions.


Daftne Sanchez class of 2018

“ FLU has helped me get to know myself the most. When you are exposed to certain things and you network with people, you eventually learn the type of person you are by the things you like and dislike”.

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Kena Francois Class of 2018

Future Leaders United (FLU) has taught me to be a leader, an example, and a productive member in my community. I’ve gained an abundance of knowledge through various guest speakers, ranging from, elected officials, business owners, doctors, lawyers, and more. They have all taught me something that is beneficial to living my life as a committed member to my community. Through FLU I have learned so much about life after high school which included financial credit, college preparation, and law when it comes to the rights we have as a people. With this insight, I’m able to further advance the successfulness of my future. This I am truly grateful for the opportunities that are for students like me, that are being provided by FLU.


Daniel doyen class of 2019

Future Leaders United was truly a blessing on my life and my future because of the many exposures and opportunities I have been given. I met with people that I would not know I will meet and got out of the house to do something good. FLU was like a training site for me to be successful, to have a bold leadership, and being apart from everyone else. Thank you, Ms. Sandra and my flu family, for making my high school year a learning experience.


DeAvian Thompson class of 2019

Flu has helped to get me more involved in my community. Flu has also taught me to be more involved with my other peers at school. Flu has given me examples and motivational skills that I can learn from to start my path in life. They showed me that building a bond with people can always be a great thing.


Silancia Delivrance class of 2018

“FLU has been a motivation to me. I saw the compassion of the leaders and the greatness of all the people apart of the program which inspired me to be a better me. They have offered me so many community service opportunities that I am glad to have participated in. My favorite event was visiting the nursing home because as someone without any grandparents, I've always wanted to get advice from an older person. Due to FLU, they have opened my eyes to a different viewpoint of Pine Hills. I want to come back and help others who are a part of this community. I want to give back because Pine Hills has potential. FLU has changed my mindset about not only Pine Hills but also on world situations and how they are handled by our elected officials”


Shiguens Elie class of 2019

When I first joined FLU it was a day I will never forget. Being part of FLU brought nothing but determination and inspiration and there’s nothing more I could ask of, because FLU has open the door for me to meet amazing people that come and share their life story, of what they went through to get where they are right now and how successful they have become and that always inspires me to listen and acknowledge what they are saying because I always see myself as one of them up there one day.


K’Andra Pope class of 2019

I am honored to be a member of the Future Leaders United organization at Evans High School. This organization contributes so much into the community and the students of the Pine Hills community. Coming to the sessions showed me how dedicated Mrs. Sandra is to enlighten and educate young adults like ourselves about the issues happening around us. She educates us on how to solve these issues and how to give back to the Pine Hills community and Evans High School. FLU has exposed me to different people and aided me in learning how to network. I greatly appreciate the United Foundation of Central Florida and the Future Leaders United After-School Enrichment and Mentoring Program for investing their time into me and my life.


Foline Sylvain class of 2019

I've been to many after-school enrichment programs but Future Leaders United (FLU) had left the biggest impact. I gain a lot of critical skills that will set me on a good path for life after high school. Such as how to network with others, how to formally introduce myself, how to speak properly in a professional setting, how to participate within my community and much more. I can definitely say I will not forget the critical times I spent with FLU who is now a whole new FAMILY for me.


Rebecca Boreland class of 2018

With my involvement in Future Leaders United, it has led me to work on community service events. One event, in particular, is the Taste of Pine Hills. I committed to helping with this event waking up early to help set up for this community event by the United Foundation of Central Florida, Inc. I helped set up tables, food, decorations, etc. The purpose of this event was to highlight the different cultures within the community while promoting peace and unity. Within the Pine Hills community, there has been this stigma that there is nothing but crime, no unity, and uneducated individuals but as a resident living in Pine Hills, this stigma is false. This event not only helps better my community because it breaks negative stigmas and creates positive memories. As a member of FLU, I was glad to see the successful outcome of this event, I felt happy to know that I participated in an event that helped bring positivity to my community.


Beensharley Belleus class of 2019

F.L.U has provided me experiences in my life that I will never forget we became a family, and we attained solidarity, that only grew stronger over time. F.L.U makes sure we have a realistic and positive image on what our career path should be. We have had guests such as commissioners, judges, veterans, realtors and even rappers. We obtain advice and clear and concise lectures on how they overcame trials and tribulations that we as students may also have to overcome. We are provided with many experiences that in other cases we would never have a chance to experience. Experiences such as The Battle of the Bands, the community Christmas Tree lighting, and multiple informative workshops, and college tours.

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Rose St. Preux class of 2019

The way FLU changed me is that they make me talk more, and be a little more open. I am still the same shy me but I'm trying to make progress and flu is helping me with that. Another thing that flu has done for me is that I used to always be a stay at home girl, but with flu, I go places that I never knew about or knew about but just couldn’t go. Even though I barely go to everything flu does I'm still thankful for the things that I am able to go to.

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Rachael Harmon class of 2018

After being in the Future Leader United program I am forever changed. It was an eye-opening experience to see the numerous possibilities I have to be successful. Nearly every week we have visitors come and express their story, which I personally enjoyed because it was similar to mine in many ways. I have realized from one of our visitors that I can be successful if I get my education if I have a good work effort, and if I keep out of trouble. I was also given the chance to learn more about my community, including the good and bad. Like Ms. Sandra always says it's time to make the comfortable people in the office uncomfortable because they work for me. This was an enjoyable experience and I won't forget it, and it was a pleasure to be around dedicated, strong, smart individuals that are capable of anything.


Jency Laguerre Class of 2019

My year in FLU has taught me a lot not just about my community and the world around me but also about me. FLU has helped me be more involved in my community. I've learned about the people that represent my community. I've learned how to use my voice to be heard. FLU has also helped me finalize my career and why I would like to go into that career. I've never been more involved and learned so much about my community until I was in Flu. I hadn't even know where the pine hills community center was until I joined flu it wasn't even 10 minutes away from my house but I never knew about the meeting or workshops. I've had amazing opportunities in FLU such as going to the Capitol in Tallahassee, Robinswood cleanup, Taste of pine hills, Hannibal square tour, etc. These opportunities have helped me realizes how I can help my community even if it's just a few people. I'm grateful to Have joined this program and learn so much but it wouldn't be possible without Ms.Sandra, Mr.Hall, Ms. Alex and everyone else behind the scenes.


Trinay Smith class of 2019

I was fortunate enough to join FLU after the cut of date. Ms. Sandra, the program director, was kind enough to make an exception for me. Ever since being in this program, Ms. Sandra and the students have welcomed me with open arms. Since being apart of F.L.U, I further developed my: social skills, leadership skills, knowledge, and awareness. One of the greatest experience I have had in this program was attending the Pine Hills Community Council Meetings. In these meeting, the idea of community participation was highly stressed. The FLU program took civil participation one step further by going to the Capitol of Florida to meet with Orlando Senators and Representatives. As students in this program, we won't do our part of creating a better society and the Future Leaders United program is the perfect platform to do so.

I’ve been in this program for two years, it’s geared towards college preparation (test prep, college tours, etc.), community service, and the importance of knowing our community and the many opportunities within it. This program has opened so many doors for me in life and has taught me that I’m ready to tackle life outside of high school. This program has provided me with opportunities to meet with local elected officials, entrepreneurs that have helped me figure out many career paths, as well as giving my fellow classmates and I the opportunity to speak to the media about our community and how we feel through so many different platforms.
— Theveline Corriolant '17
I have been apart of Future Leaders United for one school year and from what I have experienced, I can tell you it is an amazing afterschool program.Ms. Sandra is a very kind and fair, there board is excellent and the rules help keep the program fun and safe for everyone that is apart of it. There is an equal balance of learning about our community and reviewing information about our school so that everyone gets what is to be done. We had the opportunity to travel to Tallahassee and we college trips. There are many opportunities for FLU students. For example, mentoring at elementary schools, community youth workshops and how we can talk and help the kids in our community, and SAT/ACT prep But with al that school work, we need a break once in a while, right? I like that FLU has so many activities available for students, it’s fun that we get to go to new places. FLU has taught me to be myself and to be brave when I feel that I can’t
— Natalia Felix '19
Future leaders United or Flu for short is a great program. The board of directors are very caring about our future and I know they want us to succeed. I really value my education at future leader united for many reasons. First, Ms. Sandra, Mr. Hall, and Ms. Alex was kind of enough for us to come to them and talk about our problems. They provide a safe place where I can express my concern. Another reason is that the our mentors here really care about you and your education. I love how Ms. Sandra would announce our college acceptance. and lastly, this program taught me what it meant to be a good person. These are some of the many reasons why I value my time at Future Leaders United.
— Compton Persaud '19
It is a great honor for me to express myself of what FLU have done for me throughout my senior year. As a young man growing up I have never felt the same ever since I joined Feature Leaders United. I would like to say thank you to Ms. Sandra Fatmi, Ms. Alex, Mr. Hall for giving us fluites their time to guide us to our journey after high school. There is a lot of things that I have learned throughout my senior year with FLU. Here are the following things that I have learned: I’ve learned how to communicate well with another individual. I’ve learned how to stay focus in life. The FLU is a program for young children especially if you in high school. I highly recommend each and every scholar to join this program because in FLU you, not just a member you are a participant as well. One of my favorite thing about FLU is leadership roles. I’m extremely like the way that FLU Ms. Sandra keeps up with the roles. This also makes us become a leader, not a follower. Lastly, I really appreciate the fact that I am not the same person I was when I joined the FLU. I like the kind of person that I am today. I totally believe that no matter where I go I will always remember that FLU is my family.
— John Edouard '19
I am incredibly happy that I chose to join the FLU After school program for my final year at Evans High school. I have learned so much in one year, especially about the idea of reaching out to the community and showing them a side of Evans that they never thought we had. Although I wasn’t able to attend majority of the community service opportunities/activities that were planned, I know that my FLU family worked very hard to achieve the desired result at the end of providing their service for whatever the task may have been; whether it was a Thanksgiving food drive at Robinswood Elementary, attending workshops created by officials who work in the Pine Hills community, helping to clean up the community on Trojan Service Day, attending Pine Hills Community meetings, and so much more. This program is very beneficial in gaining community service hours as well as meeting government officials, entrepreneurs, and others during our meetings/ Pine Hills Community Center meetings as well as workshops to hear about why they chose to give back to the youth in Pine Hills. Becoming a Fluite has transformed me into a more compassionate person who always desires to get involved in any planned activity for the week.
— Cherard Thomas ‘18
Through my time with the Future Leaders United program, I have been given the chance to experience things that have helped me grow as a person on so many levels.  Before participating in the program, I was very much to myself and not that type of person that would start up a conversation with anyone. After being in a program where all of its members come from a different background and each having their own story, I have learned to come out of my shell and to not only be around people but to interact with people in a positive way. This group is also a second family to me with its members and boards accepting me with open arms from the door.  They do not judge but rather take you in and give me a place where I could feel safe and be able to be myself with no remorse.  With the world being a place that is not too often welcoming to people with my background throughout history and sadly now. This group, however, has been a place that I have been able to push that aside and just live.
— Demarcus Cumberbatch ‘18
In FLU I have volunteered in the Taste of Pine Hills along with the Orange County Community cleanup at Robinswood. FLU has helped me understand the importance of networking and how to present myself. I understand that meeting new people will help me in the field I’m in because I could receive a great job due to the fact that my potential employer heard good things about me from the people that I know. All of that wouldn’t happen if I didn’t display myself as someone important.
— Judd St. Pierre ’18