UFCF's Future Leaders United Class of 2019 Receives $17,700 in Scholarships

Dear Supporters and New followers, 

The United Foundation of Central Florida, Inc., (UFCF) is a 501 C3 public foundation formed in 2014 to bridge the gaps in our family, educational, and mentoring needs using a holistic approach. Focused on early intervention, leading to prevention. With a mission to partner and unite with local community and neighborhood organizations, to positively transform families and individuals, utilizing early intervention and educational resources.

We've remained committed to educating the youth and fellow members of our community in the following subjects but not limited to: Leadership Development, Financial Literacy, Health and Wellness, STE(A)M Education, Career Exploration, College Preparedness, just to name a few.

This year the foundation has grown by leaps and bounds! With February 14th, 2019 being our 5th Year Anniversary! May 28th, 2019 we graduated 28 seniors from our Future Leaders United After-School Enrichment and Mentoring Program. This will bring us to 83 seniors that have graduated our program and gone on to chase their dreams! Whether it be in higher education, seeking certifications in their trades, or serving the country in the military - they are serving as leaders in those spaces. Through their work, they are aiding in helping foster a  better understanding of Community, Economic Development, Civic Engagement, Environmental Sustainability, and Diversity and Inclusion.

This year we have pledged to raise $17,000 in scholarship money that will be award to the graduating seniors that have met all requirements of the program and the scholarship sponsors.  We have now surpassed our pledged amount and have raised $17,700. Since the inaugural scholarship fund in 2017 that would total our scholarships awarded to $50,000. On Sunday, June 2nd, 2019 we hosted our 3rd Annual Scholarship Ceremony. Welcoming alumni from the program, community partners, sponsors, and other contributors that help make what we do possible.  With that being said lookout for more information coming soon! Thank you to all of our Partners, Sponsors, Volunteers, and other contributors that allow us to remain committed to our mission and vision. 

I invite you to check out our 3rd Annual Scholarship Ceremony below!

Yours for the Cause of Peace and Unity,
Sandra M. Fatmi, Executive Director & Founder

Photos By: Garry Coates