UFCF Celebrates it's 3 year Anniversary with their Program Students!!!!!!

February 18th, 2017

The United Foundation of Central Florida would like to thank the individuals who have who have supported and will support the foundation for the past three years and beyond.

The day was spent will the students from their after school, a day filled with joy. As everyone students and board members came together to play a few games of bowling Students vs. Adults. 

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UFCF 3 year Anniversary Fashion Square Mall Feb 18th, 2017, Orlando, Fl

Dear Family and Friends,

If you’ve had the pleasure of following my post over the last few hours well here is our wind up......and if you haven’t had the pleasure it’s okay. United Foundation Of Central Florida celebrated it’s 3 year Anniversary yesterday with our Future Leaders United After School Program students of Evans High School and United Foundation Of Central Florida board of Directors. With the dream and no idea how We would get there we got started despite the odds. If I can encourage anyone reading this post. Be the change you want to see in your community by following your heart and by surrounding yourself with the right support system. So We left the Eatonville MLK Parade and headed for a battle of the sexes in bowling between the girls and the Guys. As expected you guessed it the girls won. Yees!!!!!!!!! I don’t think I’ve ever heard that much excitement in a bowling Alley for a long time. We ate, celebrated our 3 year Anniversary with a cake and then all 25 headed to see the movie Hidden Figures with popcorn and drinks in hand. As the founder and Executive Director I would like to personally take the time to thank the following friends, partners and sponsors for making yesterday’s celebration with our young people possible. My amazing dedicated, genuine loyal Board Members Gordon Russell, Alex Lewis, Myra Johnson, Dennis Hall and Shirley Edwards who never turned down anything pertaining to our young people. Marcus Alford and Mr. Whitley thank you for reaching out to me to pay for our young ladies of Future Leaders United After School Program to see the Movie Hidden Figures, thank you to my unwavering and dedicated supporters and advisors from the inception who just simply yes to supporting all positive endeavors for our young people Zorida Pritipal, Samuel Roberts and Guenet Gittens-Roberts, Allie Braswell and Shellie-Ann Braswell and Wayne GoldingSr. We thank everyone for all donations and or support in helping our young people realize and achieve their full potential. Roben Dunnings you are a woman of your word. Thanks for coming to meet our group with your donation of bags from Amerigroup for the young people. I advise everyone that has not seen the movie Hidden Figures, please take a young person to energize and empower them that the sky is the limit. In the words of our young people. Today was a great day. We’re ready to do this again.
— President Sandra Fatmi