Team Mentoring Program

Team Mentoring is a youth mentoring program under the auspice of United Foundation of Central Florida, Inc. a 501 C 3 nonprofit Organization located in Central Florida.


The Acronym Team Stands for Together Each Achieve More.

A motto we practice daily. Team Mentoring provides local community mentoring role models to children ages 4 to 24 during school hours in Elementary, Middle and High School, as well as after School hours. We at Team Mentoring have encountered several mentees over the years that have had a mentor officially or unofficially, and the majority felt their mentor cared about them, and invested their time and efforts in seeing him or her succeed. Research has proven that quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive and long lasting effects on young people in a variety of ways. Various studies have shown that from 50 to 60% are more likely to enroll in College. 75 to 80% are more likely to volunteer regularly. 85 to 90% are interested in becoming a mentor and a whopping 120 to 130% are more likely to hold leadership positions.

Our Volunteer Mentors go through a United Foundation of Central Florida questionnaire screening process by logging on to, and an additional Additions screening though Orange County Public School or We have a mentoring agreement that is signed by both the Mentor and the Mentee, which is strictly adhered to. There are 3 self-assessment evaluations built in with Team Mentoring Partners checking in. We strongly encourage meeting the parents and or guardians to build trust and family participation. Team Mentoring focuses on the 5C’s of Youth Development. The 5 C’s are a general framework highlighting the critical areas in which all young people need to develop. Incidentally, this framework provides the opportunity for both mentors and mentees to grow. The 5 C’s are:

Competence – Positive view of one’s actions in specific areas including social, academic, cognitive and vocational.

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Confidence – The internal sense of overall positive self-worth, self-efficacy, identity and belief in the future.

Connection – Positive bonds with people and Institutions, peers, family, school and community—in which both parties contribute to the relationship.

Character – Respect for societal and cultural rules, possession of standards for correct behaviors, a sense of right and wrong (morality), spirituality and integrity.

Caring and Compassion – A sense of sympathy and empathy for others.